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"We'll put a smile on your face and a song in your heart!"

It's that time again!  MOM-INATE a special mom to be entered to win a FREE KINDERMUSIK SUMMER SESSION (please make sure MOM-INATED mom has a child within the Kindermusik age range of infant-7 years) OR a FREE MONTH OF MUSIC LESSONS (voice, guitar, or piano) for herself or for her child!!!

Here at Kelly's Music Corner, we see Supermoms every day of the week!  Sometimes it's the mom who is able to rush here from work just in time to do a class with her child...sometimes it's the mom who is having a bad day, but dedicates herself to having special time with her child anyway...sometimes it's the mom who has been home all day with her teething, cranky child, and is on the verge of a meltdown (mom, that is!), but manages to smile and persevere in spite of it all...and sometimes it's the mom with a medically fragile child who understands how every minute counts, and she smiles and sings through her pain and fears in order to bring joy to her baby. 

Supermoms come in all forms, and we want to take the time to honor them this Mother's Day!  We want to hear from you about the Supermom in your may be your own mom, it may be a friend, it may be a sister...we want to hear all of your stories!  Please read the details below before completing and submitting your MOM-INATION.  Thank you so much!  In order for your MOM-INATION to be official, please...
  • "Like" our Facebook page
  • Share our "Exciting News" Facebook post (it will be pinned to the top of the FB page)
  • After sharing our post, please comment on the post so that we know you shared
  • Complete the form below
  • All entries must be received by Saturday, May 12 at noon
  • The winner will be announced on Sunday, May 13
  • One lucky mom will win a FREE KINDERMUSIK SUMMER SESSION OR a FREE MONTH OF MUSIC LESSONS (voice, guitar, or piano) for herself or for her child!!!
  • Three lucky moms will each win a $25 Kelly's Music Corner gift certificate

Thank you and good luck to all the MOM-INATED moms! 

Thank you for your MOM-I-NATION!
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