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21 Days...

Posted on May 17, 2013 at 10:00 AM

You're so excited...you've just called me to arrange a FREE PREVIEW CLASS for you and your child.  We've chatted and I've explained our class routine, that we leave our shoes in the waiting area, etc.  You tell me you can't wait to come.  We hang up, both anticipating a great time.  But what happens when things don't quite go the way you (the parent) expected them to go?

It has been said that it takes 21 days to create a routine.  I get that!  When a child first comes to a Kindermusik with Kelly class, everything is new to them...new room, new friends, new teacher, new songs, NEW ROUTINES!  As we all know, children thrive on routine.  They like to know what to expect; it provides a sense of comfort and security.  Our Kindermusik classes are very routine oriented- we sing the same hello and goodbye song each week (inserting the child's name each time), we keep the same activities week to week before varying what we do, we read the same book for weeks at a time, we ALWAYS have Quiet Time, and we always, ALWAYS sing an "away" song when putting away our instruments/scarves/props.  This brings me to two important topics...learning to share and learning to put things away. 

We all know that learning to share is one of life's greatest challenges for a little one.  Now enter into the equation the fact that it is your child's first time in our class, first time using our brightly colored scarves, first time using our awesome ladybug shakers, first time dancing under the parachute.  They are having a wonderful time, singing, dancing, shaking...then we begin to sing, "Scarves away, scarves away, time to put the scarves away."  All of the Kindermusik "regulars" come put their scarves away.  Your child, experiencing this for the first time, does not.  I sing the song again while gently kneeling down by your child.  Your child only holds onto their scarf even more tightly.  You nicely ask your child to say goodbye to the scarf.  No progress.  Then you nicely start to put the scarf away for your child.  And it happens.  Your worst nightmare.  The meltdown!  You child turns into a screaming, crying, red-faced, runny-nosed mess.  The "regulars" aren't fazed; they've been through this before!  I'm not fazed; it happens all the time.  You are embarrassed, horrified and are holding back tears.  This is when we come to a fork in the road.  We can proceed with our next activity while you calm your child as best you can (my recommendation) or you can leave with your child (not my recommendation).  Why do I recommend hanging in there and forging ahead?  No, not to torture you and your child.  Because it takes 21 days to create a routine.  Because how else will your child learn that it will be ok; we will sing some more, dance some more and perhaps even upgrade from the scarves and get out hoops or bubbles!  If you leave, your child will never know all of the awesome fun things we pack into our 45 minutes together.  More importantly, if you leave, your child will not have the opportunity to learn how rewarding it is to share with friends and to have them share back or how good it feels to have everyone clap for you when you finally put something away on your own with no tears!  My Kindermusik families are some of the kindest, most supportive people I have ever met.  The majority of them have been through the meltdowns when their child has had to share or say goodbye to an instrument and they survived...and you will too!  Please give your child the chance to learn, to grow and to experience.  And in all honesty, most of the children who have come through my program in the almost five years I've been teaching have been meltdown-free by week 3 (which is 21 days, yes, but only three Kindermusik classes!)! I urge you to hang in there though the meltdowns because you don't want to miss out on this...

So, contact me to schedule your FREE PREVIEW CLASS.  I have a lovely waiting area where you can take your upset child to calm them down and I have plenty of tissues for the post-meltdown runny nose!   Please visit www.kmwithkelly.com for our class schedule and please email me at kmwithkelly@ hotmail.com to schedule your FREE PREVIEW CLASS.  We look forward to seeing you soon!

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