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Newborns and the Power of Music

Posted on May 1, 2013 at 1:30 PM

Every parent knows the power of singing their baby a lullaby while gently rocking them.  It may take singing the lullaby over and over and perhaps, over again while rocking until you feel like you can rock no more, but eventually, it happens.  "It" being your screaming, crying, fussy baby calms down, relaxes and falls alseep in your arms.  It's like magic.  Only it's not.  Your voice is the most important voice to your baby.  Your voice has the power to soothe, to comfort and to bring peace to your baby.  They don't care if it's the worst singing voice in the world.  It's you and that's all that matters.  Rocking is interesting because it's something that all parents do instinctively to try to calm their babies down, but rocking is more than just calming.  It actually stimulates your baby's vestibular system which is the system located within the inner ear.  The vestibular system responds to movement and gravity and contributes to the development of balance, equilibrium, muscle tone and bilateral coordination (this is a very important little system!).

The benefits of introducing your baby to music are endless and the benefits of your baby participating in an interactive music class are just as numerous!  So...

If you are the parent of a baby newborn to 6 months, come join our brand new class!  We will sing, dance, cuddle, rock, sway and play all while learning why these things are crucial to your baby's developement.  Our new class begins on May 7 at 11:30am and is only for babies newborn-6 months.  The 30 minute class will meet weekly for 6 weeks and is specially priced for these young babies.  Being a new parent can be very challenging.  Come to a place where everyone understands and where you will be surrounded with joy, love and music.  We'd love to have you join us!


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