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"Family Time" Week of April 8

Posted on April 12, 2013 at 9:40 AM

"Family Time" Fun!

We had such an awesome "Family Time" class on April 11!  It was chock full of silly, happy, musical kids and their loving parents and grandparents! 

We did an old favorite, "Wheels on the Bus" and it was wonderful to hear little voices singing along and to see little hands doing all of the coordinating movements!  We listened to the wonderful Hebrew song, "Zum Gali Gali" and helped the children to do a big bounce on the downbeat "Zum" of each measure followed by three smaller bounces on the subseqent "gali, gali, gali" and then swayed on the verses.  It didn't take long for the children to catch on to the pattern of big bounce, three smaller bounces followed by swaying.  Chidren's brains thrive on patterns so this didn't surprise me that they caught on so quickly! 

We also focused on inhibitory control when we sang, moved and stopped to "Here We Come A-Walking".  By saying "...aaaaaand STOP!" and using our hands to do the sign for "stop", we are helping the children develop inhibitory control (being able to stop and go on a given cue).  Inhibitory control is an essential life skill for children and we practice it a lot in our classes!  We make it fun by incorporating it into our songs and activities and the children are quite proud when they master doing it themselves!  This week we had an 18 month old little boy in our class say "stop" and do the sign for the very first time...it was so exciting to witness!

Of course we also did Quiet Time (it is essential to help the children learn how to take a break from all the activity and to relax!) and Family Jam!  These two activities are always a part of our Family Time classes and seem to be favorites for both the kids and the adults!

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